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IHC of HIF-1 alpha on an FFPE Anal Carcionoma Tissue

IHC of HIF-1 alpha on an FFPE Anal Carcinoma Tissue

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Intended Use For In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Summary and Explanation
Hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha, also known as HIF-1-alpha, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the HIF1A gene. Two alternative transcripts encoding different isoforms have been identified, the alpha and beta subunits. HIF-1 plays an essential role in cellular and systemic responses to hypoxia.
HIF-1 is a critical mediator of the hypoxic response that upregulates expression of proteins that promote angiogenesis, anaerobic metabolism, and many other survival pathways. HIF-1alpha is expressed in many types of tumors. The expression of HIF-1alpha is correlated with tumor angiogenesis, cancer progression and clinical outcome in various solid tumors including breast cancer, type 1 endometrial carcinoma, sarcoma, head and neck tumor and brain tumor. Importantly, hypoxia has been clinically demonstrated to predict an adverse treatment outcome in theradiotherapeutic management of cancer of the head and neck, uterine cervix and soft tissue sarcoma
Antibody Type Rabbitt Monoclonal Clone EP118
Isotype IgG Reactivity Paraffin, Frozen
Localization Cytoplasmic, Nuclear Control
Tonsil, Cervix, Liver, Testis, Kidney, Breast, Thymus, Spleen, Colon, Cervical Cancer
HIF-1 alpha is a rabbit monoclonal antibody derived from cell culture supernatant that is concentrated, dialyzed, filter sterilized and diluted in buffer pH 7.5, containing BSA and sodium azide as a preservative.
Catalog No. Antibody Type Dilution Volume/QTY
BSB 2517 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 3.0 ml
BSB 2518 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 7.0 ml
BSB 2519 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 15.0 ml
BSB 2520 Concentrated 1:250-1:1000 0.1 ml
BSB 2521 Concentrated 1:250-1:1000 0.5 ml
BSB 2522 Concentrated 1:250-1:1000 1.0 ml
BSB 2523 Control Slides 5
Note: For concentrated antibodies, please centrifuge prior to use to ensure recovery of all product.

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