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Building Your Lab from Instruments to Testing

For over fifteen years, Affordable IHC has provided quality and affordable immunohistochemistry instruments and reagents for any sized lab, lab workflow, or budget. We offer refurbished immunohistochemistry instruments ready to implement in your lab’s workflow. Whether a single piece of IHC equipment or a full lab, we are dedicated to IHC from the instruments to the antibodies to under the scope with pathologists.

Anatomic Pathology Experience. Affordable IHC has an industry-recognized team of scientists and business professionals dedicated to the sale and implementation of IHC instruments. Our team has a minimum of 15 years in rolled-up-sleeve experiences creating the robust consistency on which pathologists rely. We call upon vast experiences consulting labs for both IHC instruments and reagents to answer questions about IHC instrument use, servicing, and testing or help a customer with real-life issues.

Shared Values. We are firm believers in values. One of those shared values is our unwavering commitment to quality, fairness and flawless execution. We aim to provide quality and affordability with our IHC instruments no matter your lab size or budget. If we don’t get it right the first time, we will work until it is entirely satisfactory for you.

Customer Involvement – from Design and Implementation to Results. Our flexibility is your gain. We approach each customer as if they were our first, making sure that we incorporate issues that you want to be included in any evaluation and implementation rather than dictating that our process is the only way. We understand that each laboratory has its unique IHC needs and that any implementation must be part of your laboratory’s operating “DNA” and lab workflow. Our IHC instruments and reagents work to improve and fit perfectly into your lab’s specific needs.

Results Oriented: Our success depends on our credibility. We conduct business at the highest level of ethical standards principles our partners can easily understand.

The Golden Rule. Partnership: We at Affordable IHC Instruments will partner with you, your lab, to have a healthy business relationship and work together for the greater outcome of your IHC project. Our duty is to optimize stains for pathologists and validate your IHC instruments for a smooth lab workflow.


Telephone: 1 (888) 383-3419 Fax:(941) 260-2443
E-mail: sales@affordableihcinstruments.com


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