EpCAM/Epithelial Specific Antigen – MMab

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IHC of EpCAM on an FFPE Colon Carcinoma Tissue

IHC of EpCAM on an FFPE Colon Carcinoma Tissue

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Intended Use For In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Summary and Explanation Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (EpCAM) or Epithelial Specific Antigen is a 40kD cell surface antigen that is broadly distributed in epithelial cells and displays a highly conserved expression in carcinomas. These glycoproteins are located on the cell membrane surface and in the cytoplasm of virtually all epithelial cells, with the exception of most squamous epithelia, hepatocytes, renal proximal tubular cells, gastric parietal cells and myoepithelial cells. However, focal positivity may be seen in the basal layer of squamous cell epithelium of endoderm (e.g., palatine tonsils) and mesoderm (e.g., uterine cervix). EpCAM expression has been reported to be a possible marker of early malignancy, with expression being increased in tumor cells, and de novo expression being seen in dysplastic squamous epithelium. Epithelial specific antigen has been known to play an important role as a tumor-cell marker in lymph nodes from patients with esophageal carcinoma. EpCAM can be used to distinguish among Basal Cell, Basosquamous Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the skin.
Antibody Type Mouse Monoclonal Clone Ber-EP4
Isotype IgG1/K Reactivity Paraffin, Frozen
Localization Cytoplasmic Control Colon, Cervix, Salivary Gland, Pancreas, Breast, Thyroid, Liver, Adenocarcinomas
Presentation EpCAM is a mouse monoclonal antibody derived from cell culture supernatant that is concentrated, dialyzed, filter sterilized and diluted in buffer pH 7.5, containing BSA and sodium azide as a preservative.
Catalog No. Antibody Type Dilution Volume/QTY
BSB 6275 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 3.0 ml
BSB 6276 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 7.0 ml
BSB 6277 Prediluted Ready-To-Use 15.0 ml
BSB 6278 Concentrated 1:25-1:100 0.1 ml
BSB 6279 Concentrated 1:25-1:100 0.5 ml
BSB 6280 Concentrated 1:25-1:100 1.0 ml
BSB 6281 Control Slides 5
Note: For concentrated antibodies, please centrifuge prior to use to ensure recovery of all product.

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