Refurbished Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Glas g2 6500 Slide Stainer Glass Coverslipper Workstation


Introducing the Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Glas g2 6500 Slide Stainer Glass Coverslipper Workstation – a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes slide staining and coverslipping in histology and pathology laboratories. This advanced automated system is meticulously engineered to streamline laboratory processes, ensuring utmost efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in delivering high-quality results for your specimens.

The Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130, with its advanced slide staining capabilities, offers precise reagent application and customizable staining protocols. Say goodbye to manual errors and embrace a seamless workflow with consistent and reliable results for both routine and special stains. This workstation empowers your laboratory technicians by reducing hands-on time, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks and research.

Accompanying the Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 is the Glas g2 6500 Slide Coverslipper, which guarantees fast and efficient coverslipping with glass coverslips. This automated coverslipper seamlessly integrates with the staining process, ensuring optimal clarity and protection for your stained slides. With this powerful combination, you can enhance your laboratory’s slide processing capabilities, providing unparalleled slide staining and coverslipping performance.

Operating the Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Glas g2 6500 is made effortless with the user-friendly interface, enabling easy programming of staining and coverslipping parameters. Customize the system to suit your specific needs and staining preferences, and experience unmatched precision and reproducibility in every run. The advanced technology of the Sakura workstation guarantees accurate and consistent staining and coverslipping, eliminating inter-run variability for dependable results.

Versatility is at the heart of the Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Glas g2 6500, as it accommodates various specimen types and slide sizes. This adaptability makes it an ideal fit for diverse staining applications in research, clinical, and diagnostic settings, catering to the unique requirements of your laboratory.

With Sakura’s commitment to quality and durability, the Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Glas g2 6500 are built to withstand heavy laboratory use, ensuring reliable and consistent performance over time. Embrace the future of histology with this advanced, automated solution that optimizes productivity, enhances accuracy, and delivers exceptional results.

Upgrade your laboratory’s slide staining and coverslipping capabilities with the Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma 6130 & Glas g2 6500 Slide Stainer Glass Coverslipper Workstation. Embrace the power of automation to elevate your laboratory’s performance to new heights, bid farewell to manual slide processing, and embrace precision and efficiency for all your staining needs. Trust in Sakura’s cutting-edge technology to enhance your histology and pathology processes and achieve excellence in every aspect of your laboratory operations.

Product CodeREF 6130-6500
ManufacturerSakura Tissue-Tek
ModelPrisma 6130/ Glas g2
Unit of Measureeach
ThroughputUp to 530 slides per hour
Number of reservoirs Start – 1 to 3 stations
Reagent – 31 to 51 reservoirs
Drying – 0 to 2 stations
Wash – 0 to 4 stations (8 programmable steps)
Heating (optional) – 2 stations
CapacityReagent volume – 160, 260, and 680 mL
Staining protocols – 11 runs continuously loading, and simultaneously running
Baskets – 10 or 20 slide baskets
Loading – up to 60 slides per run
Staining Up to 50 protocols
Heating 2 Stations
Dimensions28 x 49.2 x 25 inches (D x W x H)
Weight330 lbs



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