Leica PELORIS II Tissue Processor

With the Leica Peloris II Tissue Processor, your laboratory can enjoy the confidence of high-quality results while addressing new workflow challenges like reduced turnaround times, lean lab processes and same day diagnosis.

The Peloris II is a rapid tissue processor that delivers high quality results for any tissue. It can be operated using xylene as well as in xylene-free mode, achieving rapid processing results using a unique ActivFlo system which generates ideal processing conditions.

Two independent retorts offer laboratories the flexibility to process tissue specimens according to workload demands.The advanced reagent management system of the Leica Peloris II Tissue Processor monitors reagent quality so that it can automatically choose the best reagent station for each processing step and also automatically indicate recommended reagent changes.

The Leica Peloris II Tissue Processor comes with a range of dedicated smart consumables adds extra value with; cassettes that eliminate biopsy pads, solid Parablocks™ wax for easy wax handling, and reagents to completely eliminate xylene.

Unit of Measureeach
Processing modesConventional (Xylene), Xylene-free
Throughput 450 cassettes/hour
Cassette capacity600 (maximum), 432 (spaced/xylene-free)
Retorts2 (allows for continuous processing)
Heating system ActivFlo, non-microwave, rapid heat
Reagent stations 16
Reagent volume3.8 L (1 US gal) minimum 5 L (1.32 US gal) maximum
Paraffin wax stations 4 (each station is capable of filling one retort)
Reagent management Concentration, cassettes, days, cycles
Operating voltage 100 to 120 V~ 220 to 240 V~
Operating current (maximum) 16 A (100 to 120 V~) 10 A (220 to 240 V~)
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption1450 W (100 to 120 V~) 2150 W (220 to 240 V~)
Floor Model28.4 X 33.7 X 59 inches (D x W x H)
Weight550 lbs (250 kg)


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