Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 6 Tissue Processor

The VIP® 6 exceeds all current overnight tissue processors with its Reagent Management System combined with unique features, which improve quality and user-friendliness and offer economic use of reagents while minimizing the exposure of lab staff to hazardous chemicals. The Reagent Management System of the VIP® 6 is able to rotate up to three different solution groups(alcohol, xylene, and paraffin) during processing. This way the system ensures efficient, high-quality processing results and no more risk of dry-outs. The Reagent Management System also guarantees the use of fresh reagents after only one (rotation) run. Four paraffin reservoirs (three 4.2L and one large 5.6L reservoir, applicable for pellets) ensure the use of clean paraffin during each run. The VIP® 6 offers a throughput of up to 300 cassettes per run. In order to keep lab staff interference (to switch reagents) at a minimum, automatic transfer during processing from two large external 10.8L bulk reservoirs (for xylene and alcohol) is encountered for. The bulk reservoirs are filled by two external fill ports while a third drain/fill port can be used to fill the reagent bottles directly. The VIP® 6’s closed system decreases exposure to hazardous chemicals and further more takes processing to a higher level of efficiency and reliability. Automated Reagent Management SystemT

  •  Reagent Management Software
  • Enhanced reagent features
  • Minimisation of exposure to chemicals
  • Optimal protection of specimens
  • Unmatched user convenience together with a color touch screen, safety features such as a bottle connection check and an illuminated Reagent Cabinet (for a visual check of reagents), the VIP® 6 offers you the best in conventional overnight tissue processing.
Product CodeREF VIP6
ManufacturerSakura Tissue-Tek
Unit of Measureeach
Dimensions27 x 24 x 54 inches (D x W x H)
Weight352 lbs (60 kg)



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