Leica CM1850 Mohs Cryostat


The design of the Leica CM1850 cryostat incorporates the proven excellent features of its predecessor, the Leica CM1800, but the additional emphasis was placed on power saving, increased efficiency and operator safety. The result is a versatile cryostat with optimized cooling system, rapid specimen freezing and smooth specimen orientation for the high-quality sectioning demanded in routine histology and clinical pathology. Up-to-date technology with an ergonomic design – for quick and safe sectioning.

Product Code REF CM1850
Manufacturer Leica Biosystems
Model CM1850
Condition Refurbished
Warranty 1-Year
Unit of Measure each
Cooling -30 to -35°C Max (Cryo chamber)
Specimen Head Cooling No
Quick Freeze Shelf 10 disc spaces (-45°C max)
Sectioning 1 to 60 µm: 1 µm increments from 1 to 10 µm 2 µm increments from 10 to 20 µm 5 µm increments from 20 to 60 µm
Quick Freeze Shelf 10 disc spaces (-45°C max)
Dimensions 28.7 x 28.7 x 44.8 inches (D x W x H)
Weight 297 lbs



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