CT520 Cryostat Microtome

Multi-point temperature control New choice for frozen section.


Consistent and reproducible sections

  • Dakewe CT520 cryostat microtome can quick-freeze up to 20 specimens at a time (including 2 Peltier stations).
  • The powerful double compressors and multiple sets of temperature sensors ensure precise temperature control and fast, smooth cooling.
  • Separate temperature setting on specimen head, freeze shelf, and blade holder is now possible.
  • Reach target temperature from room temperature in down to 1.5 hours.
  • Semi-motorized microtome located outside the cryochamber further improves reliability and precision, and provides for quality sections.
  • Explicit specimen feeding driven by precise stepper motors produces homogeneous sections.
  • Blade holder adapts to high and low profile blades.
  • Stable blade holder and anti-roll guide provide for smooth sections
  • Smooth and durable dual rail effortlessly handles heavy sectioning demand.
  • Specimen discs with cubic studs enables stable specimen mounting.
  • The flat stem provides large contact surface for heat transfer and the ease of operation
  • Easily adjust crucial parameters and move specimen via physical control panel.
  • Sensor light with adjustable brightness allows for clear view and prevents eye fatigue
  • Specimen head position memory function allows specimen head to be reset to memorized position with just one touch.
  • Choose freely from 3 customizable presets of temperature to suit specimen types.
  • Specimen head travel distance is clear shown.
  • Schedule multiple automatic defrosting according to lab routine for thorough defrosting and optimal defrosting outcome.
  • Intelligent algorithm of compressor working mode ensures efficient cooling while maintaining low-noise operation.
  • Rocking mode can be enable to help trimming
  • Operation logs and user permission system aid laboratory management.
SpecificationsPower requirements220 – 240 VAC, 50 Hz; 220 – 240 VAC, 60 Hz; 110 – 127 VAC, 60HzDimensions (WxDxH)830 × 910 × 1300 mm (including the handwheel)
WeightApprox. 185 kg (without accessories)Section thickness range1 – 100 μm
Trinmming thickness range5 – 600 μmHorizontal feed30 ± 1 mm
Vertical stroke62 ± 1 mmRetractionYes, adjustable
Specimen orientation±8° (x/y axis), 360° (z axis)Temperature rangeAt ambient temperature of 20 °C
Freeze shelf: -10 °C to -42 °C ± 5°C
Specimen head: -10 °C to -50 °C ± 5°C
Blade holder: -15 °C to -30 °C ± 5°C
Freezing stations18 stations + 2 Peltier elementsPeltier elements-60 °C + 3 °C (at freeze shelf temperature of -42 °C (+5 °C))


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