Ember Red For Alk-Phos



Ember Red For Alk-Phos is a two-component chromogen for immunohistochemical staining and immunoblotting. When in the presence of alkaline phosphatase enzyme, Permanent Red produces an intense red precipitate that may be permanently mounted in synthetic resin.


  • For In-Vitro Diagnostic use.
  •  Not to be taken internally.
  • Histological applications.
  • Do not use if reagents become cloudy.
  • Use caution when handling reagents.
  • Do not use past expiration date.
  • Non-Sterile

Control Tissue:

Any well fixed paraffin embedded or frozen tissue section.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Harmful if swallowed.
Follow all Federal, State, and local regulations regarding disposal.


1. Combine one drop of Permanent Red Concentrate to each 3ml of Permanent Red Buffer. Used combined mixture immediately.
2. Dip slide one time in DI/Distilled water immediately prior to application of Permanent Red.
3. Apply mixture to tissue section and incubate for 5 – 10 minutes.
4. Rinse slide using DI/Distilled water.
5. If desired, repeat combining and applying chromogen mixture.
6. Rinse slide in two changes of DI/Distilled water.
7. Counterstain as desired.
8. Quickly dehydrate in alcohol and clear in xylene or substitute.
Note: Alcohol and Xylene can cause chromogen to leach from tissue over extended periods of time.
9. Mount and coverslip with synthetic medium.

Ember Red Concentrate2 ml2-8°C
Ember Red Buffer60 ml2-8°C


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