TintoDeparaffinator EDTA 20X

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Intended UseFor In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Summary and ExplanationThe TintoDeparaffinator EDTA solution is intended for paraffin removal from paraffin-embedded tissues, hydrating and heat permeabilizing tissues to achieve epitope or nucleic acid retrieval.  The TintoDeparaffinator EDTA is an innovative reagent formulated to reduce exposure to toxic solvents and reduces the number of steps in deparaffinization, hydration and epitope or nucleic acid retrieval, thus making it a safe and efficient alternative to traditional deparaffinization involving the use xylene and alcohol.  Since they do not interfere with the detection of proteins by Immunohistochemistry, Immunocytochemistry, or of nucleic acids by CISH and FISH, results are the same as when using xylene and alcohol.

The deparaffinization procedure with TintoDeparaffinator EDTA solution uses a heat-assisted deparaffinization method while achieving tissue hydration and retrieval of proteins and nucleic acids. Deparaffinization at moderately elevated temperatures has been shown to adequately dissolve paraffin at significantly lower solvent concentrations compared to methods of deparaffinization at ambient temperatures using xylenes and/or xylene substitutes.

By utilizing lower non-toxic solvent concentrations, the process of tissue rehydration following deparaffinization and retrieval can be achieved with a single final rinse step to remove micro-paraffin leftovers, followed by direct transfer of slides to a buffer bath.  These reagents are specifically designed to work with the Bio SB TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker (BSB 7008) or TintoRetriever PT Module (BSB 7030 and BSB 7033) but may be used with any heating device that provides the required temperature.

These reagents are designed to deparaffinize, rehydrate and retrieve one microscope slide containing a standard size (from 0.5cm x 1cm up to 2.5cm x 2.5cm diameter) paraffin-embedded tissue section per 3 ml of TintoDeparaffinator EDTA 1X. A typical staining dish containing 200-250 ml will deparaffinize approximately 72 standard tissue sections. If larger tissue sections are used, the number of processed slides may be less. If residual paraffin is observed microscopically on the slides following deparaffinization, the deparaffinization reagents should be replaced.

The TintoDeparaffinator Hot Rinse (BSB 0179 and BSB 0180) may be used as the final rinse step to remove residual micro-paraffin, but is optional.

ChromoProtector (BSB 01514, BSB 0152 and BSB 0153) is highly recommended to be used after the intended staining procedure in order to remove any significant micro-paraffin that may be leftover before mounting slide with a coverslip.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use both TintoDeparaffinator Hot Rinse and ChromoProtector to remove all micro-paraffin.

PresentationTintoDeparaffinator EDTA 20X contains glycols and glycol ethers.  It is provided in liquid form.
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BSB 0177TintoDeparaffinator EDTA 20X100.0 ml
BSB 0178TintoDeparaffinator EDTA 20X1.0 L

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