PolyDetector Liquid AEC HRP Red Ready-To-Use

Mart 1 Melanoma Aec

IHC of MART-1 Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE Melanoma Tissue (AEC HRP Red)


ICH of Ki-67 Rabbit Monoclonal on FFPE Melanoma Tissue (AEC HRP Red)


IHC of CK10 on FFPE LSIL Cervix Tissue (AEC HRP Red)
Specification Sheets
Safety Data Sheet
Intended UseFor In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Summary and ExplanationPolyDetector AEC HRP Red Ready-to-Use Substrate-Chromogen is suitable for use in HRP Detection Systems and allow for the demonstration of tissue antigens or nucleic acids in paraffin-embedded tissues, cryostat sections, cytosmears, and cell preparations. The substrate chromogen is the final step in the detection portion; it enables the antibody antigen complex to be viewed under the light microscope. This occurs because PolyDetector AEC HRP Red acts as an electron donor in the presence of the enzyme horseradish peroxidase; PolyDetector AEC HRP Red gets oxidized and produces a red color at the site of the target antigen or nucleic acid.
PresentationPolyDetector AEC HRP Red Ready-to-Use Substrate-Chromogen (3-Amino-9-ethylcarbazole) is a chromogen (color forming molecule) that develops into a red precipitate. PolyDetector AEC HRP Red is soluble in organic solvents and therefore should be mounted with water-based mounting media, such as Aqua Mounter (BSB 0090-BSB 0093) or it can be mounted with permanent medium when using the Bio SB ChromoProtector (BSB 0151- BSB 0156).
BSB 0011PolyDetector Liquid AEC HRP Red Ready-to-Use15.0 ml
BSB 0012PolyDetector Liquid AEC HRP Red Ready-to-Use50.0 ml
BSB 0013PolyDetector Liquid AEC HRP Red Ready-to-Use100.0 ml
BSB 0014PolyDetector Liquid AEC HRP Red Ready-to-Use200.0 ml
BSB 0061APolyDetector Liquid AEC HRP Red Ready-to-Use500.0 ml
BSB 0061PolyDetector Liquid AEC HRP Red Ready-to-Use1000.0 ml

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