PolyDetector ALK Magenta


IHC of CD20 on FFPE Spleen Tissue (Alk-Magenta)


ICH of Chromogranin A on FFPE Melanoma Tissue (Alk-Magenta)


IHC of SOX-2 on FFPE Brain Tissue (Alk-Magenta)

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Intended Use For In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Summary and Explanation PolyDetector ALK Magenta Substrate-Chromogen is suitable for use in immunohistochemical, Immunocytochemical and in situ hybridization procedures using Alkaline Phosphatase Detection Systems. PolyDetector ALK Magenta Substrate-Chromogen allows for the demonstration of cell antigens or nucleic acids in paraffin-embedded tissues, cryostat sections, cytosmears, and cell preparations.

The substrate-chromogen is the final step in the detection portion; it enables the antibody-antigen-enzyme (or nucleic acid-probe-enzyme) complex to be viewed under the light microscope. This occurs when ALK Magenta, in the presence of Alkaline Phosphatase, gets deposited at the site of the target antigen or nucleic acid, producing a magenta color that is partially soluble in organic solvents and therefore care should be taken when mounting with permanent mounting media or can be mounted with permanent medium when using the Bio SB ChromoProtector (BSB 0151 – BSB 0156).

Presentation PolyDetector ALK Magenta Substrate-Chromogen contains an ALK Magenta chromogen solution, an ALK Magenta Activator solution and an ALK Magenta Buffer-Substrate solution. All the components are buffered contain stabilizers and a non-azide anti-microbial.
BSB 0077 PolyDetector ALK Magenta 15.0 ml
BSB 0078 PolyDetector ALK Magenta 50.0 ml
BSB 0079 PolyDetector ALK Magenta 100.0 ml
BSB 0080 PolyDetector ALK Magenta 200.0 ml
BSB 0081 PolyDetector ALK Magenta 1000.0 ml

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