Leica RM2255 Automated Microtome


High-performance is an important factor when considering the quality of rotary microtomes. A modern microtome must also offer safety, ergonomy, efficiency, and economy. With this in mind, Leica Microsystems designs and manufactures microtomes that set new standards in today’s laboratory. The new fully automated Leica RM2255 microtome embodies the latest technological innovations in microtomy and perfectly harmonizes practical features with an ergonomic design and user safety. Its two-in-one design concept, which allows motorized as well as manual sectioning, provides reproducible, quality sections. The Leica RM2255 is a blend of proven high-performance, precision microtome technology with all the added benefits customers expect from the market leader in microtomy. The attention to detail in this new microtome, part of the Leica RM2200 family of quality microtomes, represents another step in the advancement of innovative, user-oriented microtomes.

Product CodeREF RM2255
ManufacturerLeica Biosystems
Unit of Measureeach
Section thickness setting range
Setting range0,5 – 100 μm
Setting valuesfrom 0,5 μm – 5 μm in 0,5 μm-increments
from 5 – 20 μm in 1 μm-increments
from 20 – 60 μm in 5 μm-increments
from 60 –100 μm in 10 μm-increments
Trimming section thickness setting range1 – 600 μm
Setting valuesfrom 1 – 10 μm in 1 μm-increments
from 10 – 20 μm in 2 μm-increments
from 20 – 50 μm in 5 μm-increments
from 50 – 100 μm in 10 μm-increments
from 100 – 600 μm in 50 μm-increments
Specimen Retraction
Manual operation5 – 100 μm in 5 μm-increments, can be turned off
Motorized operationvarying with the sectioning speed, can be turned off
Vertical Stroke70 mm
W x D x H16.3″w x 24″d x 12″h (413x618x305mm)
Dimensions24 x 16.3 x 12 inches (D x W x H)
Weight81 lbs



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