Leica IP S w/ Unload Station S Slide Printer

Never Lose Sight of a Patient Leica IP C Cassette Printer and IP S Slide Printer Patient Security PLUS Laboratory Productivity

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Never Lose Sight of Specimen Identification

Print directly onto cassettes and slides to create permanent, highly legible labels. Leica IP C cassette and IP S slide printers help you eliminate transcription errors, smudged labels and mix-ups caused by illegible handwriting. It’s the secure way to correctly link a specimen in your laboratory to a patient needing answers.

Reliable Identification
Print standard characters, logos and barcodes for reliable specimen tracking. With the Leica IP printers, you choose the identifiers that enable the best trackability in your laboratory.

Permanent Labels
Leica IP printers use a patented ink that is resistant to common laboratory chemicals. The imprint won ́t smudge, rub off or fade over time so each cassette and slide remains readily identifiable throughout the histology process and for many years in storage.

Reduced Errors
Direct printing on cassettes via LIS or PC connectivity greatly reduces opportunities for human error and misidentified specimens. This process eliminates transposed numbers, misread handwriting and peeling or misaligned labels. The ability to print machine-readable barcodes adds the potential for automated trackability.

Organisez Workflow
Organize cassettes and slides to create an orderly workflow. each printer has multiple magazines to accommodate a variety of cassettes and slides. for additional specimen security, the optional unload station can group cassettes and slides on trays while maintaining the correct sequence.


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