ImmunoDetector Protein Blocker / Antibody Diluent

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For IVD Use
For Research Use Only
Safety Data Sheet
Intended UseFor In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Summary and ExplanationImmunoDetector Protein Blocker/Antibody Diluent is used to dilute mouse ascites, supernatant, purified antibodies, and rabbit antibodies. The reagent is designed to minimize the non-specific reaction that may be caused by the antibody and encourages specific antigen-antibody binding.
PresentationImmunoDetector Protein Blocker/Antibody Diluent contains phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.6, with bovine serum albumin, animal normal serum and preserved with a non-sodium azide anti-microbial. It is provided in liquid form ready-to-use.
BSB 0113Ready-To-Use15.0 ml
BSB 0040Ready-To-Use50.0 ml
BSB 0041Ready-To-Use100.0 ml
BSB 0114Ready-To-Use200.0 ml
BSB 0115Ready-To-Use1000.0 ml

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