FluoroMounter with DAPI

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Intended UseFor Laboratory Use
Summary and ExplanationFluoroMounter with DAPI is an aqueous mounting media designed for counterstaining cells or tissues with DAPI while preserving the fluorescent staining. FluoroMounter with DAPI is suited for mounting cells or tissue sections stained by Immunofluorescence or FISH, using fluorescent dye-conjugated antibodies or probes. It prevents rapid photobleaching of FITC, Texas Red, AMCA, Cy2, Cy3, Cy5, Alexa fluoro 488, Alexa fluoro 594, Green fluorescent protein (GFP), Tetramethylrhodamine, Redox, Phycoerythrin (R-PE), Phycocyanin (PC), and Allophycocyanin (APC). FluoroMounter with DAPI contains DAPI, a counterstain for DNA. It excites at 360 nm and emits at 460 nm, giving a blue fluorescence.
PresentationFluoroMounter with DAPI is provided in liquid form ready-to-use. It contains a buffer solution, reagents, and a sodium azide anti-microbial agent.
BSB 0163Ready-To-Use15.0 ml
BSB 0164Ready-To-Use50.0 ml
BSB 0165Ready-To-Use100.0 ml
BSB 0166Ready-To-Use200.0 ml
BSB 0167Ready-To-Use500.0 ml
BSB 0168Ready-To-Use1000.0 ml

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