ZytoLight FlexISH Probes and Kits

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FISH of HER-2 neu on an FFPE Breast Carcinoma


FISH of EGFR on an FFPE Colon Carcinoma


FISH of MDM2 on an FFPE Liposcarcinoma

FlexISH – Reliable ERBB2 Results Obtainable in 1 Day!


FlexISH products are designed for identification of chromosomal aberrations on various specimens by Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH). Using the FlexISH products gives you the flexibility to choose  between a 1-day (2 h hybridization) or a 2-day (overnight hybridization) protocol by adapting the hybridization time just according to your individual needs!

FlexISH Brings Flexibility to Your FISH

  • FlexISH maximizes your flexibility in terms of time and laboratory management. Hybridization time can be varied between 2 hours and overnight
  • With a hybridization temperature of 37°C the FlexISH protocol is fully compatible with routine workflows in pathology laboratories.
  • In a rcent comparison study, overnight and short hybridization periods showed excellent correlation between the FISH results obtained with FlexISH, ZytoLight, and PathVysion ERBB2 probes.
  • Short hybridization time does not negatively affect the performance, specimen quality or diagnostic results.

Method Description & FlexISH Fluorochromes


The FlexISH system uses direct labeled FISH probes (1). The probes are detected by fluorescence microscopy using appropriate filter sets (2). Due to an exciter filter (3), full-spectrum light, emitted by the microscope lamp (4), is reduced to light of a defined wavelength that specifically excites the fluorophore of the probe. This light is reflected onto the specimen by a dichroic mirror (5). The fluorophore emits light of longer wavelengths that passes the mirror. Finally, a barrier filter (6) reduces the emitted light to a defined wavelength that can be detected.

FlexISH Dual Color Probes


FlexISH Kits

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