VisionArray PreCise Taq DNA Polymerase

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Precise Taq Dna Polymerase

The VisionArray PreCise Taq DNA Polymerase is a high quality heat stable Taq polymerase intended to be used for the specific amplification of a wide range of DNA fragments. The enzyme has hot-start capabilities, reduces false positives, amplifies low-level target sequences, and promotes amplification of a variety of templates. Further on, neccessary for succesful HPV genotyping is the use of the VisionArray HPV Primer Kit in combination with the VisionArray Uracil-DNA (UDG) Glycosylase. Hybridization and detection of the amplified sequences is performed subsequently using the VisionArray Detection Kit and the VisionArray HPV Chip.

VE-0001-100VisionArray PreCise Taq DNA Polymerase100

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