Tissue and Cell Line Microarrays

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Egfr Clma Map

The Normal Human Tissue Microarray, or NH-TMA, and Cancer Tissue Microarray, or CH-TMA, and Cancer Human Cell Line Microarray, or CH-CLMA, are an excellent way to test an antibody, ISH probe or other reagent on multiple tissues. Bio SB NH-TMA’s and CH-TMA’s are available in both 11 or 23-core configurations. Bio SB NH-TMA’s, CH-TMA’s and CH-CLMA’s are an excellent way for clinics and research labs to save time and money by allowing multiple tissues to be tested on one slide.

All TMA’s have been validated using immunohistochemical methods and are positive for over 100 antibodies. Additionally all TMA’s can be custom ordered to be cut and placed on any slide including the Bio SB Hydrophilic Plus slide.

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